We’re finalists of the Siemens StartUps contest!

Siemens, in accordance with its innovative spirit, has created Next 47, a new unit that aims to promote disruptive ideas that have greater force and, in this way, accelerate the development of new technologies.

To help boost Spanish start-ups, Siemens Spain is organizing a competition to invest in the best idea up to 1000 million Euros.



Under the new slogan “Ingenio para la vida (Wit for life)“, Siemens organizes the Siemens Days, in which it will present the latest technological advances in digitization and innovation, in order to invent a future where competitiveness and sustainability are the best exponents.

A vision that will bring us closer to the “Spain 4.0” through three major trends:

  • Sustainable Energy
  • The Future of Industry
  • Intelligent Infrastructures

Discover cutting-edge digital technology in their workshops.


Digitization is one of the keys for the Spanish economy to remain competitive in the near future. To share, discuss and understand how digital transformation can help us to face the challenges of an increasingly individualized and changing market, the workshops will show our solutions and latest innovations.

In the event of the Siemens Days will be the presentation of the finalist ideas of the StartUps Competition in which we will show our new idea, Green Energy Tracker.

Green Energy Tracker is a system based on Blockchain technology to make a total follow up and certificate of the Guarantees of Origin and other certificates that has the energy produced by renewable and high efficiency sources.

It is an innovative idea that solves a problem within the global energy sector, such as verifying and giving traceability to certificates and guarantees of origin, in addition to using one of the most powerful technologys in the digital world: Blockchain.


Next47 Siemens

The Next47 unit of Siemens has a financing of 1,000 million euros during the first five years and is open to the start-ups that want to apply their business ideas in strategic areas of business innovation like artificial intelligence, autonomous machines, decentralized electrification, mobility, blockchain applications and electric flights.

Siemens Spain organizes the competition to invest in the best idea around:

  • The Future of Industry: improving the competitiveness and efficiency of the Spanish industrial sector has to have digitized processes. Innovative solutions are sought in industry 4.0.
  • Sustainable Energy: to move towards a sustainable energy system, new approaches and technologies are used to address this challenge in the generation, distribution and distribution of electricity.
  • Intelligent Infrastructures: in 2050, more than 70% of the population will live in cities. It’s necessary to have digitized and connected infrastructures that guarantee sustainable an urban mobility and to live in more efficient buildings.

Among all the projects received, a committee of experts from Siemens Spain has evaluated and selected the 10 final applications that submitted their proposals on September 28 in Madrid to move to the final round of investors in Siemens Germany. And we will be there.