Meet the finalists of the Siemens Startups competition

Siemens has published the list of companies finalists of the competition of startups to be held on September 28 in Madrid.


In the event to be held on September 28 the different finalists companies will present the projects we have prepared for each of the categories (Megavatio compete in blockchain with our Green Energy Tracker [GET]). Other companies will compete also in different sectors, like: aerospace, medical, cartographic, electronics, ICT, …

The cutting edge of Spanish startups.

If you want to know them, you can visit the website of Siemens in which we all present ourselves here. The finalists are:

  • Axter Aerospace
  • Carto
  • FutureSiSens
  • Megavatio Control
  • PURETi
  • Qubiotech Health Intelligence, S.L.
  • Recarga tu Ciudad S.L.

If you want to attend the different workshops and the contest you can sign up here.