Associations and Movements that We Support

Megavatio Control develops tools for improving the renewable plants efficiency and so to support a change in our energy model. A change to a fairer and more sustentable model.

As a additional support to our diary work we participate with several associations and organizations.

We are proud members of:


EUROSOLAR: The European Renewable Energy Association EUROSOLAR works for the replacement of traditional forms of energy provision by renewable energy sources such as sun, wind, biomass, and water. The Association has in particular a role to play in encouraging work in the areas of information, education and scientific investigation on the potential – political, technological and economic – for the introduction of renewable energy.


PLATFORM FOR A NEW ENERGY MODEL: NEM has the priority to support a new energy model based in renewable energy sources, the savings and the efficiency. It concerns by the exhaustion of the resources, the environmental degradation, poverty and other negative effects like the increase power that biggest companies has. Because this, NEM launches formative, informative and protest campaigns.

ENERGÉTICA: The Cooperative has the objetive to provide, distribute and promote the energy (heat and electricity) from renewable resources. Aditionaly to provide energy products and services for their members in  Castilla y León.


ALASTRIA:The main Spanish banking, energy and telecommunications companies, among other sectors, have established Alastria, the world’s first regulated national network based on blockchain. The Alastria network will provide a shared platform on which the various participants, and in particular large companies, will be able to create digital representations of the assets with which they work in their usual economic activity (tokens). With these “tokens” it is possible to develop new products and innovative cutting services, in addition to being able to develop current processes faster, safer and more efficiently. In this way, the network accelerates the digital transformation of current processes and enables a new paradigm of collaborative and multisectoral innovation in a very efficient way.

INGENIEROSVA: The Official Association of Engineering of Valladolid watches for the right evolution of the profession and it concerns that engineering will adapt to the citizen needs. Also it represents and defends the engineer’s interests.